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About En²tech

En²tech is a Danish engineering and trading company.


The main activities of En²tech concern project development and consultancy services in the field of energy and environment.

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On this page, some larger projects in which En²tech has participated, are listed. Please feel free to contact us for further references.


National projecte supported by The Danish Energy Authority:



  • "Bæredygtig energiforsyning af landområder - et virkemiddelstudie".
  • "Demonstrationsanlæg for opvarmning af ejendomme i Område 4 baseret på biobrændsel".
  • "Rationel distribution af biomasse samt energimæssig undersøgelse af biomassefyrede anlæg".
  • "Markedsføring af sol og biomasse i områder med spredt bebyggelse".














International projects 

supported by The European Commission:


  • "Combined Heat and Power Production from Biomass in the Regions of Herning and Naxos", SAVE-projekt.
  • "Development plan for the integral exploitation of renewable forms of primary energy", ALTENER projekt.
  • "Setting up Energy Agencies in 5 European Regions", ALTENER projekt.
  • “BEBIO – Use of biomass in Local Energy Planning.”, PACTE projekt.
  • "Concerted Actions to Accelerate the District Heating of Grevena City by Biomass Investment", ALTENER projekt.
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