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About Enētech

Enētech is a Danish engineering and trading company.


The main activities of Enētech concern project development and consultancy services in the field of energy and environment.

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Project- and support applications


In recent years it has been evident, that the way we use fossil fuels has a significant influence on the state of the global climatic conditions. The global medium temperature rise at increasing speed, which by many international experts are foreseen to have a devastating influence on living conditions for mankind.


In line with the recognition of these factors and as a consequence of a wish to be independent from fuel deliverances from countries with unstable political conditions, different research and development program has been launched on national as well as international level.


In these programmes private entrepreneurs, companies, scientist etc. with prospective ideas for future energy sources or ways of utilisation can submit application for subvention.






Often, however, preparing of an application is a time consuming and complicated process, since a lot of different aspects and consideration, which differ from programme to programme, must be drawn into attention, in order for the application to be eligible.  


Sometime a company do not possess the necessary time or knowledge in order to prepare an application. In this context, Enētech offer to test, whether a relevant support scheme for a given idea are present.


If this is the case, Enētech can, according to the wishes of the applicant, prepare the application and take part in implementation of the project, giving that funding are granted.


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